Create PayPal account in Pakistan 2022

Is it possible to create a PayPal account while living in Pakistan?  Even if his account is created in some way, can the money contained in it be obtained in Pakistan?

PayPal is the world’s most popular e-commerce website with millions of users spread across hundreds of countries. Unfortunately, PayPal account is not available in Pakistan is on the list of countries where paypal is not available.

It is strange that PayPal does not work in Pakistan but eBay (PayPal is a subsidiary of the same company) can be used in Pakistan and many friends who have access to credit card / debit card. They buy a lot of things and invite them to Pakistan.

Create PayPal account in Pakistan 2022

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Create PayPal account in pakistan 2022

There is no legal way to create a PayPal account while living in Pakistan, yes there are many “two number” methods. But these two methods can sometimes get you in trouble.  If you want to create a PayPal account,

Get help from a friend or relative living abroad in whose country PayPal works. Bank account, phone number and address are verified to create PayPal account.  If the verification process is not completed during any of the stages, many restrictions are imposed on the account. Such an account is called a limited account.  It is not possible to withdraw money from them unless the documents requested by PayPal are provided.

There is no definite reason why PayPal is not available in Pakistan. However, most believe that this is due to the inflexible attitude of the government and the SBP as well as the flaws in the Pakistani banking system. Pakistan is also one of the countries where online payment systems are seen as a “risk”.

The (illegal) way to create a PayPal account in Pakistan is to open a bank account through one of the online services that provide virtual bank accounts. Payoneer is the most popular in Pakistan in this regard as their virtual bank account is linked to the Master Debit Card provided by them. You do not have to go through any paperwork to create a virtual bank account, only your address is verified which can be from Pakistan.

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PayPal account is then verified through this virtual account. Since the virtual bank account belongs to the United States or any other PayPal-enabled country, PayPal doesn’t mind. However, fake PayPal address and phone number are used to create a successful account.

This makes the PayPal account usable.  Money in PayPal accounts cannot be transferred directly to Pakistani banks so the money in it is transferred or withdrawn to Payoneer or Virtual Bank account which is later withdrawn from any ATM via debit card. Is But there is no guarantee that this account will always work.

PayPal’s fraud detection system can limit this account at any time, after which you may have to wash your hands of the money in the fake account as the fake address and phone number cannot be verified.

As far as we know, there have been some reports recently that a World Bank delegation has met with PayPal representatives in which the issues of PayPal and Pakistan have been discussed.

It would be premature to say when PayPal will be available in Pakistan, but many positive steps are being taken in this direction.

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