Vimo Your International Number Free Call App for every country

Vimo is free international calls application for every country..

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Vimo Your International Number Free Call App for every country

Vimo is a very useful application for us. And this app gives us his number and he is also our country and give us that number absolutely free because this free call app people used a lot nowadays and Vimu is also a very beautiful application.

2 Make Free calls

And Vimo-free call app gives us international numbers for free. And that’s why we use that number so easily. Free call app number is absolutely free for everyone.

3 Received unlimited calls

And everyone can give us a phone call easily. And if anyone calls us, all the money will be deducted from our friend. And if he also has a this app number then co-charges will be new on both. And that’s the way you see it in the first place, and it’s free.

4 No sim required

We can easily take a number of any country from this free call application without any charges. And you want any international country you find out easily . And you don’t have to worry about the number of countries in the region. Because people liked this free call application is very useful nowadays.

5 internet required.

Vimo will give you an international number. And we don’t need another SIM card, so give us a free SIM number. And it is not difficult to get this number, but your friends can give it to you in a very easy way. And they don’t need the money.

6 invite people & earn vimo credit

When the user invite people for any social this app also provide the dollars in your credit,

Step by Step for download and install vimo app

Download easily with google
Choose your country and register your number
Easily get number of any country without any charges and make calls

Why vimo is different the other call apps?

Why we want vimo application?

Vimo is the app for international calling because.vimo provide a number free of any country. And other app not provide number free and other application registarion step is very difficults.when using the app for calling they have not required the internet and save data.But the other application during using must required for internet and not save data..when use this app you not required to another sim because this app have already provide a number. But the other app must be required another sim in your mobile. while you make a calls.

How vimo connected with calls?

Other apps offer for free calls and also they work only with internet,they working not good without internet.But app allow you to make cheap viop calls and also to make cheap calls without internet. Free call app should dial a local calls number of the country in which you still stay to connected you with international number you dialled your sim card would be charge to local calls only. international part should charged the vimo application.

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