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NEOM Job Fair Presents Over 1,500 Employment Opportunities for Local Talent

NEOM Job Fair Presents Over 1,500 Employment Opportunities for Local Talent

NEOM, the ambitious development project in Saudi Arabia, recently organized a two-day Neom job fair aimed at providing employment opportunities to local young talent in the NEOM and Tabuk regions. The event, held at Tabuk University, featured the participation of 20 of NEOM’s key partners across various industries. This article explores the highlights of the job fair and addresses important SEO-related questions surrounding the event.

What were the key offerings of the NEOM job fair?

The NEOM job fair presented a remarkable 1,500 job openings for the aspiring local young talent from the NEOM and Tabuk regions. These positions were made available through leading local and international companies associated with the NEOM project. The fair aimed to attract individuals who have completed the registration process, which included a skills and background evaluation, to match them with suitable opportunities.

How did the event contribute to NEOM’s development and future-building aspirations?

The job fair aimed to attract young individuals with potential who can actively participate in NEOM’s development and contribute to shaping its future. By providing a platform for prospective employees to directly apply for positions offered by prominent local and international companies associated with NEOM, the fair sought to create a pool of skilled professionals who align with NEOM’s vision and objectives.

Neom Job,

What were the key features and activities of the job fair?

The job fair allowed job seekers to submit their applications directly at the event. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to engage in networking activities and participate in in-person interviews with employers. The fair also included informative sessions that provided valuable guidance on developing professional resumes, excelling in job interviews, and strategically pursuing career opportunities.

How did NEOM prioritize environmental sustainability during the job fair?

In line with NEOM’s commitment to environmental sustainability, all applications and submissions were processed digitally, reducing the use of paper and preserving natural resources. This digital approach aligns with NEOM’s overarching objective to create an eco-friendly and sustainable environment.

What were the outcomes of the previous job fair and its impact?

Building on the success of its inaugural event in May 2022, the NEOM job fair witnessed significant growth. The first edition attracted over 3,500 students, graduates, and job seekers, resulting in 1,344 job opportunities and facilitating 1,067 job interviews. More than 500 job offers were extended as a result of the fair, showcasing its effectiveness in connecting job seekers with potential employers.


The NEOM job fair held at Tabuk University offered a multitude of employment opportunities for local young talent from the NEOM and Tabuk regions. By bringing together key partners and providing a platform for direct engagement between job seekers and companies associated with NEOM, the fair served as a catalyst for regional development and future-building. NEOM’s commitment to environmental sustainability was also evident, with digital processing of applications minimizing paper usage. With its growing success, the job fair strengthens NEOM’s position as a promising destination for career growth and opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

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