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Neom City Careers | Saudi Arabia Announces Latest Hundreds of Jobs for Futuristic Neom City

Neom City Careers – The futuristic city of Neom in Saudi Arabia is undergoing rapid development, with 20% of its $500 billion worth of infrastructure already completed.

Situated in the Kingdom’s northwest region, Neom is designed to house 9 million people and will feature many mega projects, including the Line, Sindalah, and Oxagon.

To support these projects, Neom has advertised thousands of jobs, ranging from technicians, engineers, and construction & logistics specialists to site managers. The official Neom career portal currently lists over 220 vacancies, each with specific criteria. People can apply for these jobs at by sending their CVs.

Neom is also looking for a Corrections Director to serve as a prison warden for ensuring law and order. This position will work closely with the Security and Protection Executive Director.

About The Line, Sindalah, and Oxagon – Neom City

The Line is a high-tech linear city being built with a focus on sustainability and living in harmony with nature. The project won’t have any cars and roads and will instead feature hyper-connected communities.

Sindalah is a luxurious coastal resort comprising hotels, golf courses, and marinas. Oxagon is an entertainment district featuring theme parks, cinemas, and gaming centers.

These projects will boost the Saudi economy and help establish Neom as a leading global hub for technology, tourism, and entertainment.

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