PNY institute hire job for students apply now

PNY institute hire job for students.

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Pny institute hire job for students

PNY has announced the hire job, which includes Web Development, Graphic Designing, Photoshop, Content Writer, Freelancer, and Social Media Expert.

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For web development you must have about 5 years of experience. And you must have a good website. And I have worked in the website. And it is also important to understand and write English. Website creation is a must.

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Work on graphic design. Your experience should be good and this experience should be around 2year. And also you can do this hire job at home. And if you have not done any work and job before and want to do our job. And if you believe in yourself, we accept you.

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If you want to work with us on any of the social media platforms, you must have about two years of experience and with the experience you must have education as it requires you to speak and understand English. Must be and we can allow you to work with us.

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Join us to work on content writing. It is very important that you first speak and write and understand English. Because without English you can’t do this job. Because most of the work in this hire job is done in English. If your English is good then you can do this easily.

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If you want to work with us on freelancer then you have to have good experience and with experience it is that you have already worked in freelancer and after that we will give you job. You must have a editing in freelancer. Because in freelancer you can do more editing work. And nowadays work in freelancing is editing.

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PNY has set some conditions for hiring a job with Photoshop in which you must have good experience or experience of about two years and at the same time your experience must be very good. If not then this hire job. Absolutely not because most of it is a photo editing and also required math in photoshop platform working.

How to Apply PNY institute hire job for students

Address.arfa tower 2nd flor.Pny institute
Appling.pyhsical only

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