Farming Jobs in New Zealand | Dairy Farm Jobs Foreigner 2023

Farming Jobs in New Zealand | Cow/Dairy Farm Jobs for Foreigners 2023: Hello guys! In this article, we are showing the latest farming jobs in New Zealand. If you want to get a dairy farm job in New Zealand then this post will help you ahead. You can find hundreds of New Zealand farm jobs for foreigners.

What better way to visit New Zealand than to get a job in farming? It is an exciting and rewarding profession and a great way to make a living for families. Those with no agricultural background can still find the right jobs in New Zealand, and even those with a passion for farming can find farm employment opportunities. We will discuss the key aspects of getting a job in farming – Farming Jobs in New Zealand.

Foreign workers are needed in several sectors of agriculture in New Zealand, especially in farming jobs, dairy farm jobs, and also in cow farms, pig farms, and poultry farms. For details of job openings and currently in-demand jobs in New Zealand, check out Immigration New Zealand’s lists of skill shortages – Farming Jobs in New Zealand.

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New Zealand Farm Jobs for Foreigners in 2023

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Farming Jobs in New Zealand | Dairy Farm Jobs Foreigner 2023
Company Type Agricultural/Cow Framing/Dairy
Job Location The remote area of New Zealand
Nationality All Nationality Can Apply
Education High School/Diploma
Experience Experienced are preferred
Salary Range Depending upon the job title
Employee Benefits Attractive

New Zealand’s farming industry has many casual job roles available for foreigners with working holiday visas. Farming Jobs in New Zealand It allows immigrants to work way around the farming areas and enjoy some of the best tourist attractions in New Zealand.

Farming jobs are available all across New Zealand, all year round. And for many job positions, experience and special skills are not required. While on-site accommodation is available in some sectors of farming industries.

New Zealand has eight main farming regions. Their farming friendly weather and the availability of technology, different crops grow better in some locations than others. However all farming fields are availed with high sunshine time, settled weather, and warm temperatures – that’s good enough for growing the crops is also great for lifestyle.

List of Farming Jobs in New Zealand 2023

If you love to work in animal farms, don’t mind getting dirty and are used to dedicated work then a farming job in New Zealand could be a better option for you. With lots of farm job opportunities throughout both islands, you are sure to find suitable jobs around Farming Jobs in New Zealand.

Typical farm jobs in New Zealand include milking cows, calf rearing, cleaning cow farms, or general farm work such as repairing fences. And as farms run all year round it’s a great way of supporting your travel expenses whenever you are lucky enough to be in New Zealand.

On the other hand, if you love to grow vegetables, picking fruits, packing crops and other tasks related to crop and fruit farming, then there are hundreds of farming jobs available as a fruit picker, farm hand,

Dairy Farm Jobs in New Zealand 2023 – Farming Jobs in New Zealand

Job Title No. of Vacancies Location
Dairy Farm Work 48 South Island, New Zealand
Great Dairy Farm Job- Calf Rearing 25 Queenstown, New Zealand
Farm Worker 120 Queenstown, New Zealand
Dairy Farm Assistant 70 Clydevale, Otago, New Zealand
Dairy Farm Stay 60 Norsewood, New Zealand
Calf Rearing Position 36 Te Puke, Katikati, New Zealand
Farm Assistant/Farmhand 40 Clydevale, Otago, New Zealand
Farm Dairy Assistant 60 Bay of Blenty, New Zealand
Calf Rearers 50 South Island, New Zealand
Dairy Farm Worker 100 Queenstown, New Zealand
Dairy Farm Assistant 120 Queenstown, New Zealand

Latest Farming Jobs in New Zealand

Vineyard Operators, Hawkes Bay Delegat
Gardener – Whangarei Citycare Property
Superstar Farm Hand Wanted – Children’s Farm Park Kiwi valley farm park
Shepherd General Matawai Deer Park
Oyster Farm Worker Waiheke Marine Farms Limited
Orchard Worker F Boric and Sons Ltd
Farm Hand AWF
Livestock and Equestrian farm Workers Hololio Farm
Dairy Farm Assistant Bickley Dairies Ltd
Nursery Worker Liner Plants NZ 1993 Limited
Vineyard Operator Whitehaven Wine Company Limited
LIVE IN Dog Walking Professional and Farm Stay Manager Guardians NZ Limited
Farm Assistant Supreme Farms
Relief Farm Manager Dairy Parininihi ki Waitōtara
Farm Hand Select Recruitment
Farm/Packhouse position. Koromiko Free Range Eggs 2019 ltd
Cellar hand Villa Maria Estate
Dairy Farm Assistant – LURDF Lincoln University
Nursery Worker Propagation Liner Plants NZ 1993 Limited
Machine Operator Harbour Edge Avocados
Summer Kiwifruit Orchard worker Weskco Limited
Breeder Farm Manager Tegel
Advertising Sales Representative Gisborne Herald
Runoff block manager & Machinery Operator Chardan farms Ltd
Agricultural Machine Operators R Jack Contracting Ltd
Grower (Market Gardener – Crop Production) Lewis Farms
Produce Farm Assistant Supervisor Fiesta Bulb Marketing
Dairy Farm 2IC Beith Farm Ltd
PEA HARVEST DRIVERS!! Programmed Skilled Workforce
Project Coordinator / Administrator – Wind Farm Smith Crane and Construction
Farm Machinery Drivers Drake New Zealand – Palmerston North
Factory Hand Madison Recruitment Limited
Cellar Hand Villa Maria Estate
Wine Harvest Intern Borthwick Vineyard
Horticultural Harvesters/Packers Perfect Produce
Permanent Orchard Workers Fairfield Orchards Ltd
Vintage Cellar Hands The Wine Portfolio
Labourer Weekend Work Meadow Mushrooms Ltd
Student Agronomist – Vege Sampler Adecco Manufacturing & Operations
Broiler Chicken Farm Worker Agright New Zealand Management Co Limited
Vessel Skipper and Deckhand Sanford

If you are seeking Farming jobs in New Zealand for foreigners, then it will be great news for you that New Zealand values dairy farm workers. Because they have a huge shortage of farmworkers as farm assistants, herd managers, and cattle graziers.

Working on a New Zealand dairy farm as an assistant may be unusual from what you are used to. New Zealand dairy farms may be larger and far more located than dairy farms in other countries. You will have to know to use and operate different farm equipment and machinery Farming Jobs in New Zealand.

Duties and Responsibilities of Farm Workers in Dairy Farms

As well as milking cows, you have to perform many other duties around the dairy farm in New Zealand. For example, you have to:

  • feed cows and calves on routine
  • monitor the health of cows and initially treat unwell animals
  • measure and keep a record of the amount of grass and supplementary feeds
  • put up temporary fences
  • use tractors, equipment, and machinery to feed cows
  • help with calving
  • drive a tractor, motorbike, or quadbike

You may also be liable to fix farming equipment, handle powerful machines, or do welding or simple engineering, and understand the importance of maintaining the environmental policy for the Farming Jobs in New Zealand.

These are just an example of the duties dairy farmworkers do in New Zealand. It requires physical work, skills to handle animals, intelligence, and initiative, and tolerance to work in the dirt.

How to Apply for Farming Jobs in New Zealand?

So, how to apply for farming jobs in New Zealand? The simple answer is to look for the correct job advertisement. Some farms advertise their openings on the Internet, but many jobs are only advertised locally.

In order to find farm employment opportunities, you must attend the farm board of inquiry. This is a requirement before being allowed to work in the field, so plan ahead of time to ensure that you are at the farm board on the day of the hearing.

If you plan to immigrate to New Zealand for dairy farm jobs, there are different visa options that you can apply for. Each visa category has its own rules and application process.

Which visa you have to prefer depends upon the type of Farming Jobs in New Zealand, your level of skill, your level of English language whether your qualification is recognized in New Zealand.

The Visa options available for working in New Zealand are Resident visas and Temporary work visas.

Resident Visa

This visa type allows you to work and live in New Zealand for as long as you like. For example:

  • Skilled Migrant Category
  • Skilled Migrant Category visa

Temporary Work Visa

This category visa allows you to work and live in New Zealand for a certain period of time. For example:

  • Essential Skills Work Visa (issued for up to 5 years, depending on your level of skill)
  • Work to Residence visas (issued for up to 30 months, with the potential to apply for a Residence visa after 24 months)

You can explore New Zealand visa options from here. [Click Here] [Click Here]

Applying for a visa

There are three ways to submit a visa application in New Zealand. You can either:

  • Complete the visa application form yourself
  • Hire or consult a licensed immigration adviser
  • Consult a registered lawyer in New Zealand, a Community Law Centre, or an authorized person who is exempt from license requirements.

The temporary workers may only work in New Zealand within the terms and conditions of their visa. If you immigrate to New Zealand on a temporary visa, your position will be specified by the conditions of your visa, your employer, and the location of your duty. So, make sure you understand the processes and requirements for your visa.

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