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100+ Offshore Oil Rig Jobs | Offshore Drilling Latest Vacancy 2023

100+ Offshore Oil Rig Jobs – Offshore Oil Rig Jobs with No Experience and Careers Recruitment 2022-2023 | Offshore Drilling Vacancy Openings: For those people who are looking for offshore oil rigger jobs, it might be very confusing to know where to start. However, finding a perfect oil rig vacancy is not as difficult as most job seekers think. Searching and getting an offshore drilling job in an oil rigging industry isn’t so hard. It just takes some time and dedication. Where the real problem occurs is in keeping the offshore oil rig job once you are hired for it.

The reliability of oilfield rig jobs is based entirely on the oil market. When the price per barrel of crude oil is increasing, offshore oil rig jobs are many and easy to find. But someone might as well expect the crude oil price to fall down. Then all oil rigging and drilling contractors and support services will start laying employees off, service contracts become void, etc.

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In the long term, oilfield job vacancies are random. But, there’s a good reason why offshore drilling industries are always looking to hire workers for their offshore oil companies– the oil rigger job is really really complex and many people find they can not accept the hardship.

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Offshore Jobs for Rigger and Driller in 2023 | Latest Oil Rig Jobs | Offshore Oil Rig Jobs 2023

100+ Offshore Oil Rig Jobs,Offshore Oil Rig Jobs,offshore,offshore oil rig jobs,offshore jobs,offshore platform,offshore rig jobs,offshore oil rig jobs pay,offshore oil rig jobs texas,offshore oil rigs,offshore oil,offshore rig,offshore job,offshore oil rig jobs florida,offshore rigs,offshore jobs in uae,motorman jobs at offshore rig,offshore oil rig jobs no experience,offshore drilling,mechanical jobs at offshore rig,offshore mechanical jobs,largest offshore oil rigs,
100+ Offshore Oil Rig Jobs 2023
Company Name Multiple
Job Type Offshore oil and gas rigging and drilling
Job Location Worldwide Job Openings
Nationality All Nationality Can Apply
Education Diploma/Degree in Related Position
Experience Experience an Asset
Salary Range Depending Upon Job Title
Employee Benefits Attractive job benefits and perks

What is Oil Rigger or Oil Driller Jobs?

Drilling in the oil and gas industry is the process of creating holes in the earth’s surface in preparation for the production of crude oil and gas. Drilling rigs come in a variety of sizes, from a one-person operation to those capable of drilling thousands of meters below the surface. As well as drilling, the rigs can test sub-surface material, to understand the physical properties of a drilling site.

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There are many individuals who always dream about working on an offshore oil drilling rig. But keep in mind that you are going to work there and not going to spend your holidays. In this post, you will find what is actually an offshore rigging job is. Offshore drilling jobs offer you an attractive base salary, and there is always the high potential for extra job benefits, bonuses, and other incentives depending upon your to title and category for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs.

But working on an offshore oil rig platform can be physically tough and mentally challenging. However, if you are an energetic, dedicated, hard-working individual with a passion for a challenging profession, you could be the perfect candidate for a career in oil rigging.

​How many types of jobs available on offshore?

Basically, there are four different types of job category according to the operation in offshore drilling rigs – Offshore Oil Rig Jobs.

  • ​Rig Drilling Section
  • Deck/Marine Section
  • Maintenance Section
  • Supporting Hands​

Offshore Oil Rigger Jobs With No Experience

If you really haven’t experience in oil rigging and drilling jobs or never worked at sea, offshore, never worked on a land oil drilling platform – you should start your career from an entry-level position. A perfect way is to prepare yourself by working for 1 year or 2 in each of the oilfield industries mentioned above. It will make you relevantly experienced and it makes it easy for a real driller offshore on an oil rigger job.

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Looking toward the Gulf countries where there is the availability of more offshore drilling industries, there are offshore oil rig drilling platforms that operate near land. Such oilfield companies sometimes hire seasonal oil rig workers with no experience based on daily wage rates during periods of high demand for crude oil.

Latest Offshore Oil Rig Jobs for Driller and Other Professions 2023

Assessment Driller View & Apply
BHA View & Apply
BOP View & Apply
BOP Inspection View & Apply
BOP Maintenance View & Apply
BOSIET View & Apply
Bottom Hole View & Apply
Casing View & Apply
Casing Crew View & Apply
Casing Floorhand View & Apply
Casing Hand View & Apply
Casing Operator View & Apply
CDS View & Apply
CDS Technician View & Apply
Company Man View & Apply
Company Representative View & Apply
Completion Consultant View & Apply
Completion Supervisor View & Apply
Crew Chief View & Apply
Derrick View & Apply
Derrick Hand View & Apply
Directional Drilling Operator View & Apply
Directional Drilling Technician View & Apply
Directional Survey View & Apply
Downhole View & Apply
Downhole Equipment View & Apply
Downhole Tools View & Apply
Drawworks View & Apply
Drill Pipe View & Apply
Drilling Analyst View & Apply
Drilling Chemicals View & Apply
Drilling Coach View & Apply
Drilling Company Man View & Apply
Drilling Design Supervisor View & Apply
Drilling Electrician View & Apply
Drilling Equipment View & Apply
Drilling Fluid View & Apply
Drilling Fluid Equipment View & Apply
Drilling Fluid Operator View & Apply
Drilling Fluid Supervisor View & Apply
Drilling Fluids Consultant View & Apply
Drilling Foreman View & Apply
Drilling Hand View & Apply
Drilling Instrumentation View & Apply
Drilling Maintenance View & Apply
Drilling Manager View & Apply
Drilling Materials View & Apply
Drilling Mechanic View & Apply
Drilling Operation Safety View & Apply
Drilling Operations Manager View & Apply
Drilling Operations Specialist View & Apply
Drilling Operator View & Apply
Drilling Optimization View & Apply
Drilling Performance View & Apply
Drilling Planning View & Apply
Drilling Platform View & Apply
Drilling Project Manager View & Apply
Drilling Rig View & Apply
Drilling Rig Consultant View & Apply
Drilling Rig Foreman View & Apply
Drilling Rig Technician View & Apply
Drilling Roughneck View & Apply
Drilling Safety Consultant View & Apply
Drilling Site Consultant View & Apply
Drilling Software View & Apply
Drilling Superintendent View & Apply
Drilling Supervisor Consultant View & Apply
Drilling Team Manager View & Apply
Drilling Workover View & Apply
Dynamic Pressure Management View & Apply
Electrical Rig Maintenance View & Apply
Electrical Rig Technician View & Apply
Electrical Technician View & Apply
Electrician View & Apply
Flexible Pipe View & Apply
Fluid Supervisor View & Apply
Fluids Consultant View & Apply
Frac Supervisor View & Apply
Fracturing View & Apply
Fracturing Supervisor View & Apply
Gas Completion Tools View & Apply
HPHT View & Apply
Hydraulic Mechanic View & Apply
Hydraulic Pumps View & Apply
Industrial Electrician View & Apply
Instrument Control Technician View & Apply
Instrument Installation View & Apply
Instrument Technician View & Apply
IWCF View & Apply
Land Rig View & Apply
Maintenance Electrician View & Apply
Managed Pressure Drilling View & Apply
Mechanic View & Apply
Motorman View & Apply
Mud View & Apply
Mud Pumps View & Apply
Mwd Driller View & Apply
Offshore Electrician View & Apply
Offshore Instrumentation View & Apply
Offshore Mechanic View & Apply
Oilfield Equipment View & Apply
Oilfield Mechanic View & Apply
OIM View & Apply
Platform Operator View & Apply
Pump View & Apply
Pump Down View & Apply
Pump Hand View & Apply
Pumps View & Apply
Remedial Tools View & Apply
Rig Consultant View & Apply
Rig Electrician View & Apply
Rig Floorhand View & Apply
Rig Hand View & Apply
Rig Maintenance View & Apply
Rig Mechanic View & Apply
Rig Moving View & Apply
Rig Operations Manager View & Apply
Rig Operations Superintendent View & Apply
Rig Performance View & Apply
Rig Safety Consultant View & Apply
Rig Site Supervisor View & Apply
Rig Superintendent View & Apply
Rig Supervisor View & Apply
Rig Technician View & Apply
Shale Shakers View & Apply
Slips View & Apply
Spooling View & Apply
Storeman View & Apply
Subsea View & Apply
Tong Operator View & Apply
Tool Assembly View & Apply
Tool Hand View & Apply
Tool Inspection View & Apply
Torque View & Apply
Tubing View & Apply
TWIC View & Apply
VFD View & Apply
Well Consultant View & Apply
Well Control Consultant View & Apply
Well Head View & Apply
Well Operations Supervisor View & Apply
Well Service Rig Manager View & Apply
Well Service Supervisor View & Apply
Well Site Consultant View & Apply
Well Site Supervisor View & Apply
Well View View & Apply
Workover View & Apply

How to Apply for Offshore Drilling Job Vacancy?

Before applying for an offshore job, first of all, read the details about what are the positions available apply for an oil rig job. What kind of job would you prefer to apply for and do you own the necessary qualifications and experience to work in that vacancy? Remember that offshore oil rig companies are always looking for the best candidates and freshers have to complete apprenticeships for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs.

What documents and certificates are required for Offshore Oil Rig Jobs 2023?

To apply for oil rig jobs, you require all the certificates and documents to back your claim of qualification and experience. Also, prepare the certificates that you have completed courses. They depend upon your position in the oilfield industry.

You must be above 18 years old to work on an oil or gas rig. To work in the offshore oilfield industry, you must pass an offshore survival and firefighting course that is also known as emergency response training, or basic offshore induction and emergency training (BOSIET).

The following are the basic requirements while joining the offshore platform:

  1. Survival Course Before being allowed to work for offshore rig jobs, all of you must complete an offshore survival course, Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET). The BOSIET includes Safety, Fire Prevention, and Fire Fighting, First Aid, Helicopter Safety & Escape, and Survival at Sea. Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) is the refresher certificate.
    The BOSIET is not sufficient for working in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) course is a lot more demanding than that required in the UK.
  2. Medical fitness certificate
  3. Other Documents
    • Passport with visa (if applicable)
    • Vantage Card or MAPS card (if applicable)
    • Company contact details
    • Flight itinerary
    • Hotel information
    • Taxi collection time
    • Client information i.e. contact details/pick up point and arrangements
    • Client Health Advice (if applicable)
    • Timesheet / Appraisal form
    • Offshore LetterAnother document which is now important when you travel is correspondence from the Company confirming you are an offshore worker, the date you are traveling, and which installation you are traveling to.

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